Full NameShlok Shrivastav
NicknameTech Burner
Date of BirthDecember 3, 1995
Age27 years
Height1.71 m
EducationBachelor of Technology in Mechanical Engineering from Delhi Engineering College
ProfessionYouTuber, Influencer, Entrepreneur
Net WorthRs 22 to 24 crores (Approx. $3 million)
YouTube IncomeRs 6 to 8 lakh per month
Brand DealsUp to Rs 10 lakh per deal
Instagram IncomeRs 5 to 6 lakh per deal
GirlfriendSiddhi Bhardwaj (Rumoured)
Tech Burner Total Net Worth: Income, Age, Girlfriend

About Tech Burner


Tech Burner is an influential YouTuber and social media personality from India and its community popular for their technological content. Being born as Shlok Shrivastav on 3rd of December, 1995, he has been always surrounded by technology, being born and growing up in the city of New Delhi, India. It was this desire that led him to create his own channel on YouTube called Tech Burner in mid-2014, in which he focused on giving more contents related to technology and equipments.

Initially, Shlok faced few problems such as low viewership, and further copyright problems with his initial videos but he insisted on developing more entertaining and knowledgeable videos. His dedication led him to one of the greatest heights today; making Tech Burner one of the most recognized and watched tech channels in India. Currently channel has more than 11 million of subscribers, and Tech Burner positions itself as a source of analytical information about technologies, which attracts numerous individuals with his instructive review.

In addition to YouTube profits, Shlok has worked as an entrepreneur and has expanded from the digital domain by creating more successful companies. Overlays Clothing and Layers are among his business endeavours and the latter in particular was able to gain massive following and contribute to his influencing impact in the technological world. It only takes one person to change the world and, as Shlok continues to push boundaries and make a difference through his content, his story is a true testament as to how perseverance and sheer will can help one to be successful in today’s digital age.

Tech Burner YouTube Income

Tech Burner finances on his YouTube channel clearly illustrate him as one of the most skilled Content creators in the digital platform, especially in monetizing the Content. Holding over 11 million subscribers rather actively, and receiving high viewership on each video, his channel is one of the key assets of the entire tech niche. As it goes with each month, the investments Tech Burner makes through its YouTube activities make for a reasonable income of Rs 6 to 8 lakhs to give an idea of the extent of popularity of the content this channel has on the internet.

Looking more into detail into his earnings sources, partnership with particular brands remain one of the sources that significantly contribute to Tech Burner’s income. Popular brands approach him, the Attached bathroom ensure, for collaborations they provide up to rupees ten lakhs. These alliances not only increase his monthly earnings but also demonstrate the importance of the advertiser in reaching out to its niche market which is passionate about his blog.

In addition, we can note his desire for becoming an entrepreneur not only confined to his You Tube channel, but also as an evidence that Tech Burner eventually has other sources of income which are reflected on his profits . Whether through the sale of merchandise, to inking deals with brands for product placement and promotion and to affiliate marketing he skilfully applies and reaps every angle possible for earning. This kind of approach also guarantees financial sustainability while per­mitting him the freedom to undertake riskier ventures as well as assert more control and impact on the technology sector. At end, for one to earn a million dollars through YouTube it translates to hard work, determination, passion and creativity that Tech Burner has displayed and implemented in his channel. Through all his renovations, ideas, and ground-breaking techniques, Jonathan expected to increase his income further, cementing his reputation as a pioneer of tech content creators.

Tech Burner Net Worth

IMAGE CREDIT : Viestories

Tech Burner, the pseudonym of Shlok Shrivastav is one of the most prominent and brilliant YouTuber in India who has grabbed the great attention of the people through his incredible technical videos. Shlok is regarded as one of the most popular tech YouTubers in the country and through his business pursuits, he has earned a healthy amount already. Though one may get slightly different numbers, it is reported that his current net worth is anything between Rs 22 crores to Rs 24 crores which only speaks volumes about one’s capability to start up new ventures and about the viability of the channel which he has created.

As the channel is earning through YouTube partner program and multiple brands/non-gaming related business and merchandise deals, the income is quite comfortable and ranges between Rs 30 to 40 lakhs per month. His YouTube channel has more than 11 million subscribers, and it becomes his main source of income as he gains Rs 6 to Rs 8 lakh per month. Also, massive brand endorsements cost him up to Rs 10 lakhs per contract and this supports the income stream. With the cargo-carrying business still burgeoning and Shlok actively seeking more ventures, his worth will only increase, making him one of the key characters representing India’s tech sphere.

Tech Burner Instagram Income

Other than powering up the Internet via YouTube, Tech Burner has also established an Instagram account in which he actively participates. Benefits of the account being utilize from Instagram Reels, Tech Burner post a multitude of technology content that will engage his followers and has a following of over 4 Million fans.

As a promotional strategy and personal project, Tech Burner’s Instagram is beneficial and provides income-generating opportunities and partnership potential. Hence, being able to reach out extensively and having a highly active audience, Tech Burner’s per post sponsored on Instagram cost anything between Rs 5 to 6 lakhs. They go to show that social media work and are an extension of his influence in the technological industries and the creation of more digital contents. With performance going on for the future in different platforms, the income for Tech Burner through the Instagram account demonstrates that his business innovation and impact on the micro-blogging site comes alive.

Tech Burner Girlfriend


Tech Burner – a Youtuber, who is considered as one of the best in delivering the reviews of all possible types of technology until it turns into ashes – is also very popular among females, who are interested in his private life, including his love life. Still, as for the most crucial updates about Tech Burner, or Shlok Shrivastav, more specifically, his private life, details remain scarce despite the plethora of unexpected rumors circulation. He has been said to be in a romantic relationship with Siddhi Bhardwaj, but they have not come out in the open to corroborate these rumors. However, there are still no specific features towards describing the purported affair; nevertheless, there are times when bits and pieces of their supposed romance surface and again and again create a buzz across social networking sites among fans and the public. Thanks to the captivating Tech Burner personality that caresses the hearts of young and old with his tech prowess, the curiosity about his love life brings another interesting spin about him.

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