Seong Gi-hun Lee Jung-jae Main
Cho Sang-woo Park Hae-soo Main
Kang Sae-byeok HoYeon Jung Main
Oh Il-nam O Yeong-su Main
Hwang Jun-ho Wi Ha-joon Main
Ali Abdul Anupam Tripathi Main
Jang Deok-su Heo Sung-tae Main
Han Mi-nyeo Kim Joo-ryoung Main

The Front Man / Hwang In-ho Lee Byung-hun Recurring Main

Supporting characters
Byeong-gi Yoo Sung-joo Recurring
Ji-yeong Lee Yoo-mi Recurring
Gi-hun’s mother Kim Young-ok Recurring
Seong Ga-yeong Cho Ah-in Recurring
Gi-hun’s ex-wife Kang Mal-geum Recurring
Sang-woo’s mother Park Hye-jin Recurring
Kang Cheol Park Si-wan Recurring
The Salesman Gong Yoo Recurring

If you are a fan of crime and thrill ,then the series “squid game” is just for you . It is one of
the most liked korean drama and it’s breathtaking till the end. It’s a kind of murder mystery
thriller . At first, I thought that it is almost copy of money heist but after watching the whole
story I realised that it was not even near to what I thought. In simple words if I explain the
series has different stages including different kind of games and whoever is failed is killed
instantly( out ,but not only from the game but from the world )and when each player dies the
winning amount increases. The games shown in the series are mainly childhood games but
they include twist and it. The main objective of this game is to see that who stays alive till the
end and the winner will get a huge amount as prize. Some of the games were : Tug of war ,
Red light -green light etc.When I was watching the series I could feel myself into it. The story
dipicts how far a person could go to get money , and how people are dealing with everyday
financial problems. The story shows that the need of money pushes a person in such
circumstances that there own lives doesn’t matter to them. Throughout the series we get to
know about the personal problems and struggles of characters. The main character of the
series is Gi hun who was the player no 456(last one). He was a divorced in unemployed man
who was drowning in debt. The story keeps viewers hooked from starting to the ending. Large
number of surprises and twists are there in the drama and you just keep on guessing things. It
shows egoistic and selfish human nature which simply means the well to kill other person in
order to secure our own survival. The game is also based on survival , the contestant who have
participated in the game are in a very miserable and bad condition according to the story and
are struggling financially. It shows a clear picture that how helpless a person could become
just because of money. While watching the series, I was able to feel the stress ,anxiety and
pressure that the players were experience while playing the games. It highlight all the negative
and Dark Side of humans and it is full of violence and suspense right from the starting. Each
and every episode is written so creatively . It revolves around a group of people who are
suffering financial issues, so they are given an opportunity to participate and win a huge
amount by putting their lives in danger. Each episode introduces a new game and failure in
that means death. The performance of the actors in the story are outstanding and they
literally bring the character to life. Moreover the costumes were also so attractive. Each and
every episode was full of suspense and unexpected twist which made it difficult for us to
predict that what will happen in the very next moment.


The best thing about the squid game is ability to keep a viewers engaged. Throughout the
show the stress keeps on increasing. The contestants not only have to face physical challenges
but as well as mental challenges. The game become more interesting and challenging when we
start imagining that what would have been done by us if we were in the same situation . I think
we all could easily relate this with our daily lives as in the squid game , the players make
alliances &broke them and they are ready to betray each other .They put the live at risk just to
win the huge cash prize . Just like the game in real life people cheat each other to get some
advantage or for their selfishness. Nowadays people are ready to do anything just for some
money or because of some financial issues or struggles ,they could even kill their friends or
relatives or betray their loved ones for the sake of money. Money is the most important asset
in our lives according to this. The show dives into the background or personal stories of
players and try to find out that why they are putting their lives at risk just for some money.
The mystery and beauty of squid game is that you don’t know who will survive and who will be
killed. There are a lot of twist and turns which we can’t even expect. The hard part is when
your favourite character gets eliminated trim the game. The show also makes social
commentry by raising the issues of poverty ,inequality etc. Moreover it has a unique idea in
which people are competing in deadly children’s game for a large amount of money. In
addition to the positive side, I would like to add that the show includes violence and bloodshed
which could be disturbing for some viewers and I think it’s not suitable for people who are
triggered by sensitive topics and it’s not really appropriate for kids to watch this drama. It
mashes up the care free childhood days with those of brutal realistic adulthood through a
game of life and death. The most amazing thing is that how the makers of squid game target
people who are in debt and how they build the interest of those people to participate in such
life threatening games to gain some money as prize. The Cruel and rich vip’s choose to sit and
watch the poor and helpless people struggling for money and dying. They are the only one who
are betting on people who are participating instead of helping them to clear their debts (which
they could easily do). They believe that humanity does not exist. They are a symbol of
capitalism . The end was little disappointing as the VIP should have been caught by the Cops
and should be punished for their sinful act.Squid game portrays the plight of people at the
bottom of society. The duality of human nature is the point where people from all over the
world can resonate. It combines the intense action ,emotional depth and social issues for
captivating viewers attention. It was an emotional roller coaster for many viewers with the lot
of heartbreaking and betrayal moments. The game could be easily ended by a simple majority
vote but despite knowing the fact that someone would have to die for money they resume that.
They didn’t even care about anyone life and just wanted money to end their own
suffering.Masks worn here signify that these people are indistinguishable and they all are
working according to orders of rich people.At the end Gi hun survives and becomes the winner
of all deadly games.He realises that the prize money he won had taken away many people’s
lives so he decided to help the families of people who died in the game with the prize money
and then he receives the invitation of another game at last.
The drama is deeply thought provoking,the more you dig ,the more hidden social issues
&details you will find. It leaves viewers with many questions and anticipations that what might
come next.


95%Rotten Tomatoes

Audience reviews

Everything becomes boring after a point”The goal is not to make lot of money but after making lots n lots is not to get bore while enjoying the material thingsWhat a series man The bestest series everIt is believed that even if ghosts exist the human beings are capable of making this world even a more ghostly place than the original ghosts would do Basically greed lust lack of control survival instinct desire for power and authority insanity make people do macabre things and when people get the taste of blood they become even more dangerous than the man eating animals Squid Game captivates human emotions to an extent you are awestruck The level where people can stoop to to make things shinier for his own life will make you sick as you watch episodes after episodes of this brilliantly made series The raw violence and gore trademarks of the Korean style of moviemaking is present throughout and this makes the show unsuitable for the children even though the central theme is based on the games played during childhood In the age of Super Computers, when people have stopped playing those forgotten games any longer a group of losers are seduced to play six rounds of those games Winning will guarantee them freedom from every debt as the rewards of winning are astronomical But the punishment for losing is what makes the series so very horrific, gruesome and rewarding- death. How the real-life losers vie with each other to redeem their own lost hopes is the plot of this super paced series awesome series The show is full of metaphors It may be worth mentioning that of late numerous movies have also come up with the portrayal of the absence of an egalitarian society in South Korea The rich are becoming richer and the poor are becoming poorer Remember Parasite and the subtle show of class struggle therein Squid Game also tends to point fingers to the inequality prevailing in the South Korean society Few references to the illegal immigration from North Korea are there too Just completed the series and found this show so thought provoking for many reasons You have your standard character developmental checklist which is desperation greed boredom curiosity evilness and pure disregard that builds a cast of characters The premise of the show is simple on the surface but it much more complex the deeper you get into it its that superrb The luckiest unlucky The question what does success mean to you Just try to ask yourself after watching it What a brilliant dark fun & fast paced show to demonstrate metaphor of capitalism. I would love to take this ride again. Excellent showcase of human mind and emotions. The acting was pretty good and the story & plot was crazy. Its the battle of strong people against the weak people covering all aspects such as morality, honesty, sacrifice, smartness, cunningness and so on. Ending was somewhat predictable bht definitely a good show. I do recommend for you to watch it i havent seen something so good emotionally and materially Squid game is what I can only describe as an evolution of the Battle Royale genre, what I mean by that is that you have a premise of putting x people into a deathmatch situation where only the best or luckiest individuals can get out alive. This heavily reminds me of Gyakkyou Burai Kaiji: Ultimate Survivor (Anime) and another movie called As the gods will, but this series did something quite unique and unthinkable which deconstructs many tropes and cliches Must must watchThe Gganbu episode was my favorite of all ❤️❤️❤️

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