Imagine the type of internet which can understand about yourself like for your voice, texts, pictures, with multiple servers. Yes! We are at the tipping point of a new phase of web 3.0 which is the milestone of the web’s evolution.

Website 3.0 is also called the internet for the third generation. Web 3.0 is evolving and taking form as per the user’s needs, there is still no such definition available for Web 3.0. But this internet has the power to change the entire mechanism of how the internet operates daily.

Perfect definition from history-

As there is no such definition available, there is still a definition we can get by comparison of Web 1.0, Web 2.0, and Web 3.0.

As the web 1.0 was all about reading and it was static. The highly decentralized experience of the users leads to the beginning of Web 2.0. Web 2.0 also had drawbacks like it only connected with the tech giants and the users, which became centralized. In this highly centralized tech atmosphere, there was an urgent need for the highly decentralized web. This is how web 3.0 came into play.

Web 3.0 is highly driven by AI and machine learning. It is highly decentralized with real-world human communication. Users cannot be tracked hence this solves the issue of the privacy policy.

This came as, during the web 2.0, users saw that their data has been harvested by the big giants like meta (Facebook), WhatsApp, and other social media platforms.

So, the idea of web 3.0 is one of the most life-changing things for everyone whether it is a rich person or a poor person. Its perfect definition can be said that it will be a huge gap for our current generation which is mostly dependent on the central repositories.

Web 3.0 in 2022-

Let’s come to the point that whether web 3.0 is used by anyone till now? Does web 3.0 exist? Web 3.0 is just a myth?

Some researchers and technicians say that web 3.0 already exists on the internet. Some say that it is still in the evolution process and some parts of it exist, the rest are just in the making. Some have different thoughts that, web 3.0 is just a myth, and its makers just coined this term for money, fame, and controversies.

I will get deep into this, web 3.0 exists, but it exists in the process of making. It is the internet of the upcoming third-generation where the internet would be able to process information in a smart and human-like way. Internet will use the technologies like machine learning, decentralized ledger technology, big data, etc. It just aims to make the internet more autonomous and decentralized.

Web 1.0 and Web 2.0 both have 10 years of gap between them. It is the gap that is required to build such extraordinary features of the internet. Some estimations are taken for the web 3.0, as the features of this will be more extraordinary than the previous web 1.0 and web 2.0.

Some features of it are as follows which claim to ensure that it stores data more logically-

Semantic web-

It employs a machine-based understanding of the data, allowing users to be more connected to the internet. This will allow users to create and link the materials through words instead of numbers. The primary currency restricts many things on the internet. It is expected that blockchain technology or cryptocurrencies will become more integrated into the current level of the economy. The peer-to-peer file storage, exchange of transactions, and connectivity will be done via smart contracts which will smooth the entire process of web 3.0. This will reduce the power of mega giants and other corporates, and strengthen the producers and consumers.

Artificial Intelligence

AI will come into practice and this will combine the power with natural language processing. This will allow web 3.0 to be able to get the data, the same way humans do while maintaining the relevance of the searches. Web 2.0 also had these capabilities but lacked corrupt practices like the manipulated ratings on products. For example, with the help of web 3.0. Ai would be able to get the difference between the fake and original reviews about the company or products. This step too will strengthen the consumers.

Metaverse or the spatial web

Some visionaries will name this web the spatial web as this will bridge the gap between the real and the graphics world. Metaverse is the term given to this virtual world, the developers are putting the 3D and rethinking the graphics technology, and giants like meta will give shape into sharp relief. These 3D graphics are not been used in just only the gaming world. But if this technology will be implemented correctly, then this can change the entire vision of health, education, real estate, and many other things.


This will also overcome the fact that the internet won’t be limited to the use of smartphones and PCs. The data in web 3.0 will be more connected to semantic metadata. This can be defined as pervasive. Iot will bring many new gadgets which will not restrict the internet to smartphones or PC, or laptops. In this, users will be allowed to buy bots to serve them. Instead, just many other websites do right now.

The beginning of a new web phase

The features of web 3.0 will provide the users with more personalized data and a customized browsing experience. This will have a more human-like search assistant. The benefits of the decentralized web will lead it to be more of an equitable web. This will empower the user or the consumer to have supreme power over their data. The advent of cryptocurrencies will also benefit the content creators as they will get paid in crypto or get tokens, each time someone uses or accesses their works. Many of the web 2.0 features have potentially changed the behaviors of the users and their lives.

Gavin Wood (founder of Web 3.0) describes web 3.0 as “platforms and apps built on Web3 won’t be owned by a central gatekeeper, but rather by users.” This will also have a versatile impact on democratic countries and will help to overcome the deadlock.


Will NFT also be a part of Web 3.0?

Yes, non-fungible tokens will be the major part of web 3.0. This will be stored in the blockchain having the cryptographic hash which will make the token unique.

How can Web 3.0 will change our lives?

The advantageous possibilities are endless. The given above features like the semantics and artificial intelligence will allow the web 3.0 to have the learning language that is a personalized experience. This language will help the data to be processed fast and will enhance the user experience. This will not only play a role in a virtual world but will also affect our day-to-day lives.

What are the risks connected to web 3.0?

As data will be available in large volumes on the internet, there are many possible risks that this will lead to the integration of the data. With the growing technology, the hackers will also evolve their techniques, hence there are higher chances of personalized attacks.

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