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C Language

The C language is one of the oldest, strongest, and longest-lived programming languages. That’s right, fifty years. It’s a huge accomplishment for any technology to stay relevant for so long. In 1972, Bell Labs tasked a group of computer scientists with developing a programming language for creating Unix OS utilities. Ken Thompson and Dennis Ritchie created C to address the portability issues with the B language. C has remained the top-tier programming language for more than 20 years, despite its age of more than 49 years. C’s strength comes from its efficient assembly and low-level control mapping.

C is a robust programming language with many built-in functions, data types, and operators that can be used to create any complex program. The availability of several data types and operators makes C programs efficient. C combines the low-level capabilities of an assembly language with the high-level features of a high-level language, making it ideal for writing both system and application software. C is a very portable language, meaning that code written on one machine can be moved to another, which is useful. C supports low-level features such as bit-level programming and direct memory access via pointers, which are very useful for resource management.

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Learn the fundamentals of C programming! [Udemy]

This is a free Udemy course for learning C programming designed for beginners. You will learn to code in an easy, simple, and effective manner using the C programming language, which is the best language for learning coding and programming.

You will learn the following key skills to begin your C programming journey in this course, which includes 3 hours of on-demand content:

  • The fundamentals of C
  • How to create your first C-based applications
  • Recognize the various variables and data types.
  • How to deal with basic programming issues

This free online course is designed for complete beginners who have never programmed before. The tutorial includes many challenges and demonstrations to help you learn how to program in real-world scenarios. One positive aspect is that the instructor pays attention to the students to help them resolve any issues they may have.

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C Programming Quickstart Guide [Udemy]

This is another free Udemy course for learning C programming, and it was designed for beginners and people with no prior programming experience. This 3.5-hour online course focuses on C programming fundamentals, beginning with the fundamentals.

This programme will teach you the following key skills.

  • How to write efficient C programs.
  • Sort through your code.
  • Create your own program.
  • How to properly allocate and reallocate memory spaces.
  • create, deploy, and run real-time applications.
  • Perform operations on queues and stacks.
  • Working with data and manipulating text conditions and loop variables

This is an excellent free course for anyone interested in learning C programming and getting started. The course is divided into eight sections and will teach you the fundamentals of C This will serve as a springboard for learning advanced C programming concepts on your own.

Step-by-Step C Programming Language: Part 1 [Udemy]

This course is intended for programmers who are new to the field. Its goal is to provide hands-on programming experience with various C language concepts. Throughout the course, you will be able to review and practise all of the code samples. You’ll gain confidence in writing C programs and a thorough understanding of C programming concepts. Here are the main topics you’ll learn about in this course:
  • Making your initial programmes
  • Understand the various data types and structures.
  • Create arrays
  • have the ability to handle files.

It also includes an appendix with numerous C programs to learn. The course has a video length of 5 and a half hours.

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Introduction to C Programming by Andrew D. Hilton [Coursera]

This course focuses on solid programming fundamentals for students who want to use computer programs to solve complex problems.This course will teach you the following key skills:
  • How to Create a C
  • To comprehend C code, read and write it.
  • Use what you’ve learned to create professional programs.

This will equip you to work in software development or other computational fields.

The project includes a practice that entails writing a program to calculate poker hand probabilities using Monte Carlo simulation. The poker project is divided into three courses, allowing you to write the more difficult parts of the programme as your skills improve.

Fahim ul Haq’s [Educative] Learn C from Scratch

This comprehensive course consists of 17 units, each well-explained to ensure that you understand everything. It is intended for beginners who want to learn about programming.

The following are some of the major topics covered in this course:

  • Functions
  • Data types
  • Control flow
  • Memory
  • Input/output features
  • Compilation
  • How to debug
  • Some other advanced topics

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It’s all explained thoroughly but concisely, and there are some exercises to put your newfound knowledge to the test. Educative is a newer learning platform that differs from Udemy and Coursera in that it is more interactive and text-based. It’s similar to Codecademy in that it has a low-cost subscription plan that gives you access to their 100+ software engineering and interview preparation courses. Their annual plan costs around $14.99/month, and I found it to be very cost-effective because individual courses cost around $79 or $49, so for the price of a couple of courses, you get access to their 100+ courses.

That concludes the best free online courses for beginners to learn C programming in 2022. These are completely free online courses from Udemy, Coursera, and Educative, and I hope to expand this list in the future. We’ve seen that C is a universal language with many applications. It is an excellent language to begin learning because it allows you to see many of the programming pitfalls. I believe that it is a language that all programmers should be familiar with.

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