Theirs a rapid Revolution in the field of Internet and Online Marketing has opened many Doors. The Recent Studies found that more than 30% Of the Business activities conducted Online in 2022.

It’s a Big Difference Compared from the Past Years. That’s Made It Difficult for Every Website or Business to Rank In the Top Positions in the SERPs and theirs no doubt that every Business is trying to Beat its Competitor in Search Engines and Be the First Person/Business that Shows Up #1.

We are all trying to figure out the algorithm to get ahead of Every Single Player who is in our same industry to be that go-to thought leader.

Many factors should be in our mind while looking to rank our website in the top positions of SERPs. Sometimes website owners are obsessed to increase their DA (Domain Authority).

But, does it matters in Achieving SEO success? Let’s Find Out Does Domain Authority matters in 2022.

What is domain authority (DA) ?

Domain Authority is a Moz-introduced Term that became popular in a few years. Domain authority is a measure of a website’s ability to rank higher than other websites on search engine results pages (SERPs). A website with more domain authority is likely to be found first in a search engine, and be seen as more authoritative.

Domain authority is measured by how many websites a website can rank against in a SERP. The higher the domain authority of a website, the more likely it is to be found first in a search engine.

It’s believed that DA is calculated based on some Google Primary ranking factors.

Let me be Clear; Domain Authority is not a direct Google ranking factor. As it is created by a SAAS platform, therefore, it is not considered by Google ranking factor according to many SEO experts. But when we analyze, we found a clear impact of DA in SERPs.

Theirs a Scale from 0 – 100 and every website have a specific score as per its activities.

The higher the DA score, the better the ranking chance. Domain Authority between 40 and 50 is an average score, 50 and 60 is good while over 60 is Considered Excellent.

Does domain authority matter in 2022 ?

Domain authority (DA) is a measure of a website’s popularity and trustworthiness. It is calculated by measuring the relative importance of a website in a search engine’s results pages.

Domain authority is a valuable tool for online marketers because it can help them determine which keywords their website is ranking high for, and which ones they should focus on increasing their website traffic to.

In 2022, many new websites will come online, and the importance of domain authority will continue to rise. If you’re looking to increase your website’s domain authority, you’ll need to make sure your website is well-optimized and traffics well with search engines.

To stay ahead of the curve, businesses that want to increase their domain authority should make sure they are writing quality content, are well-managed, and are constantly updated with the latest trends.

The Score You See on DA is not considered by Google to rank websites on SERPs.

Google Easily has 200+ Ranking factors and DA can surely tell you the performance in those metrics.

This is why Higher Domain Authority is usually found on top of SERPs. That’s why Domain Authority is considered a Standard SEO across the world.

How to check my domain authority?

DA is a Moz Term that is the part of their Link Explorer Tool which was earlier called Open Site Explorer. You can also check on DA/PA Checker tools.

Enter a website domain you want to search.

How is Domain Authority Calculated ?

Domain Authority is calculated based on many different factors.

Like, Moz and Google Haven’t revealed anything about its algorithm.

However, Moz has Given Some Details about Domain Authority:

  • The number of different domains pointing to a website as inbound links
  • The Quality of your web content and domain ranking on Google search
  • The On-Page Score of the website
  • Contextually of the link and link pointing to a website

Moz has confirmed that there are 40 different factors for checking Domain Authority.Many Sites have a DA of 90+.

That said, shouldn’t be the point of demotivates sites with lower DA.

DA should always be compared with immediate competitors. E.g.

You have listed 4 top competitors, out of the 3 are have less DA than yours and 1 higher DA.The one with higher DA has a better probability to rank higher on SERP.

Does Domain Authority Score Decrease?

In SEO, nothing is permanent unless you consistent improvement. Likewise, Domain Authority is subjected to change sometimes.

However, this depends on some of the factors that Moz machine learning includes which is the quality of links coming to your website.

So, let’s say your website has a DA of 60 based on the DA of 600 different domains that are linking to your website.

If the Moz algorithm finds a high spam score for 300 of these domains, there’s a chance that your DA will fluctuate with others as well.

How to increase the Domain Authority of your Website ?

After, you have an eye on the DA of your website; you must look forward to learning how to improve the DA of your website. No, It won’t give you an instant push in the ranking but it can show whether theirs enough hard work to rank it or not.

There are a many things you can do to increase your domain authority but we will take about some of them.

Use high-quality content

This is by far the most important factor in increasing your domain authority. If your content is high-quality, your site will be perceived as being credible and worth visiting. It is because when you publish quality content, it will help in multiple ways. First of all, the quality content will engage people for more time. Also, it will encourage other Bloggers, and webmasters to create quality backlinks to your website.

Build a strong website

A well-designed and organized website will also help increase your domain authority. Make sure your website looks professional and is easy to navigate. It will help users to go through your Content which will come to decrease bounce rate which is a plus point.

Broken Link Building

Take a Broken Link audit of websites with a high Domain Authority.

Check if you can provide them with better content.

A Win-Win situation where the website with a broken link can fix the issue, whereas you get a quality backlink without doing much effort.

Page Load Speed

After, Google announced mobile-first indexing, one of the most important factors Google considered is Page Loading Speed.I

f any site that falls behind its competitor when it comes to page speed can see a drop in organic traffic.

In Addition to this, if the site is failed to make the transition to the mobile responsive version may get de-indexed on the Google SERPs.All of this can indirectly impact your DA.


With the above Guide, You have seen that DA is still important and impactful in the search engine in 2022. Also, you have learned the best tips you need to focus on to increase Domain Authority. With this guide, you will be able to make your website progress smooth and get high authority.

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