The Finest 5 Courses on Java Multithreading and Concurrency for Seasoned Programmers in 2024

Multithreading and concurrency are essential skills for experienced Java developers to master. Companies frequently test and assess Java developers on their knowledge of
threads, parallelism, synchronization, thread safety, deadlock avoidance, and other
complex concurrency topics during interviews.

Having strong multithreading skills makes you stand out as a Java developer. It shows you can design and build fast Java applications. They use modern multi-core processors well by using concurrent execution

However, multithreading is notoriously tricky to get right. Threads accessing shared data can clash. This can cause race conditions, deadlocks, and non-deterministic behaviour. But, this only happens if you don’t fully grasp basic concurrency concepts .

In this guide, I will share the top 5 online courses. They will take your multithreading and concurrency skills to an expert level. This is for Java developers in 2024.

Unmatched learning possibilities from well-known professionals and authority in the industry are provided by these courses. They will provide you with in-depth knowledge and useful tips so you can build reliable, effective multithreaded Java programmes.

The Importance of Multithreading and Concurrency Skills

Multithreading and concurrency are critical skills for Java developers to master. There are several key reasons:

  • Enables applications to perform multiple tasks simultaneously, improving speed and responsiveness. The app doesn’t freeze up when doing long operations.
  • Allows Java apps to handle many user requests concurrently. This helps applications scale up.
  • Utilizes modern multi-core CPUs efficiently by spreading work across threads.
  • Permits background timed or asynchronous tasks to execute while main application logic runs.
  • Multithreading questions often come up in Java job interviews. Companies want to ensure candidates have these skills.

When evaluating multithreading courses, experienced Java devs should look for a few key things:

  • Simple, beginner-friendly explanations of concepts. Complex topics made easy to grasp.
  • Real code examples and hands-on exercises to practice multithreading.
  • Visual aids like diagrams and videos to demonstrate core ideas.
  • Coverage of both multithreading fundamentals and advanced techniques.

With strong multithreading skills, Java developers can build more responsive, scalable applications. These skills open up new job opportunities as well.

Choosing the Best Java Multithreading Course

Learning Java multithreading and concurrency can be tricky. Here are some tips to help you choose a good Java multithreading course:

Look for an instructor who really knows their stuff. Find a course taught by an expert who has lots of experience with Java multithreading in real world programs.

Make sure the course covers all the basics. Thread safety, synchronization, shared data – these key concepts need to be explained clearly. The course should also cover more advanced topics like non-blocking code.

Hands-on learning is a must. You need to write real Java code and do exercises to get comfortable with concurrency. Avoid courses that just lecture without code examples.

Choose a course that focuses on Java 8 and newer. The modern concurrency APIs like streams and executors are important to learn. Older courses using outdated APIs won’t help much.

Interaction helps learning. Look for courses with quizzes, assessments and other ways to test your understanding.

The course should teach practical skills you can apply on the job. Avoid overly theoretical courses that don’t connect to real world programming.

Overall, find a course that provides a solid foundation and teaches real coding skills. With the right instruction, you’ll be multithreading like a pro in no time.

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1. Java Multithreading, Concurrency & Performance Optimization

This Udemy course provides an in-depth look at Java multithreading, concurrency, and performance optimization. It’s taught by Michael Pogrebinsy, a veteran Java instructor with a strong teaching methodology. The course strikes a good balance between teaching foundational concepts and practical coding skills.

Some key details:

  • Comprehensive coverage of core multithreading topics like thread safety, synchronization, shared data. Hands-on coding exercises let you apply these concepts.
  • Covers advanced techniques as well, like non-blocking algorithms and parallel streams. Helps take your skills to an expert level.
  • Uses visual aids, diagrams, code walkthroughs and other engaging teaching methods. Keeps students actively involved.
  • Over 5000 5-star reviews show students find the course extremely helpful for mastering concurrency.
  • 62 lectures totaling 4.5 hours of video content. So it’s a fairly thorough, rigorous course.

Overall, this course provides structured learning with both foundational knowledge and practical coding skills. Ideal for taking your Java concurrency abilities to an expert level.

2. Concurrency in Go

Instructors: Katharine Cox-Buday, William Kennedy

Platform: O’Reilly

This unique course strengthens your concurrency skills through mastering concurrency in Golang. It’s taught by William Kennedy and Katherine Cox-Buday, renowned Go experts.

The decision to teach concurrency using Go instead of Java provides huge advantages. You gain fresh perspective and reinforce your existing Java knowledge by learning Golang’s concurrency model which differs from Java’s.

For example, Go uses message passing while Java uses shared memory for communication between threads. You’ll learn clever techniques like goroutine wrapping that help avoid issues like deadlock.

The curriculum covers both concurrency fundamentals like mutexes alongside advanced material like patterns and best practices tailored to Go’s concurrent programming model. Highly-rated with stellar reviews.

Key Details:

  • 3.5 hours on-demand video
  • Fundamentals like communication, synchronization
  • Advanced patterns and best practices
  • Taught through concrete Go code examples
  • Interactive quizzes reinforce key learnings
  • 4.8/5 star rating (highly rated course)

Concurrency in Java

Instructor: Dr. Heinz Kabutz

Platform: Pluralsight

This advanced Java concurrency course by Java Champion Dr. Heinz Kabutz provides remarkable depth and rigor. The content extensively covers complex topics ranging from thread basics to cutting-edge techniques like non-blocking code.

The syllabus masterfully balances imparting conceptual knowledge with practical coding prowess. With Kabutz’s expert instruction and wisdom, you’ll gain true mastery over core concurrency fundamentals alongside modern best practices.

This course does expect proficiency with basic Java concurrency. Take it if you want to level up your skills, tighten weak spots, and reach an expert level capable of writing robust, scalable multithreaded systems.

Key Details:

  • 15 hours on-demand video
  • Comprehensive syllabus from basics to advanced
  • Based on the classic “Java Concurrency in Practice” book
  • Taught by renowned Java concurrency expert
  • Advanced course best for experienced devs
  • 4.5/5 star rating

4. Java Concurrency by Doug Lea

This course is special because it is taught by Dr. Doug Lea. He is the legendary computer scientist who created Java’s core concurrency packages. Dr. Lea has intimate knowledge. He provides expert instruction on Java’s concurrency APIs.

The curriculum covers all key concurrency topics well. These include atomics, blocking, thread pools, synchronizers, parallelism, and the Java Memory Model.

The instruction is great. I also like the active learning approach. It includes memory tests, knowledge checks, and coding exercises. If you want to master Java concurrency, learning from the API designer is invaluable.

Key Details:

  • 9 hours on-demand video
  • Comprehensive syllabus covering all core topics
  • Taught by Java concurrency legend Dr. Doug Lea
  • Active learning with quizzes and exercises
  • 4.7/5 star rating (very highly rated)

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5. Java Concurrency Best Practices

Instructor: Dr. Joshua Bloch

Platform: Packt

Authored by Dr. Joshua Bloch, former Java Chief Architect at Google, this course takes a pragmatic approach focused on best practices and guidelines for writing robust multithreaded code versus theoretical concepts.

As the creator of classics like “Effective Java”, Dr. Bloch brings incredible real-world insight into avoiding concurrency pitfalls and issues based on decades of experience.

His guidance will in still time-tested techniques, conventions, and design principles skilled Java developers follow to craft high-quality concurrent systems. An ideal course to complement theoretical knowledge with coding wisdom.

Key Details:

  • 1.5 hours on-demand video
  • Best practices for robust concurrent code
  • Wisdom and advice from Effective Java author
  • Taught by former Java Chief Architect
  • Covers avoiding pitfalls
  • 4.5/5 star rating
Java Multithreading, Concurrency & Performance OptimizationMichael Pogrebinsy4.5 hoursComprehensiveHands-on + Exercises4.6/5
Concurrency in GoWilliam Kennedy, Katherine Cox-Buday3.5 hoursComprehensiveConceptual + Go Code4.8/5
Concurrency in JavaDr. Heinz Kabutz15 hoursComprehensiveAdvanced + Rigorous4.5/5
Java ConcurrencyDr. Doug Lea9 hoursComprehensiveConceptual + Active Learning4.7/5
Java Concurrency Best PracticesDr. Joshua Bloch1.5 hoursConcurrency Best PracticesPragmatic + Wisdom4.5/5

Other Notable Java Concurrency Courses

Beyond the top 5 courses already discussed, there are a couple other quality Java concurrency courses worth mentioning:

Java Concurrency Basics

Platform: LinkedIn Learning

Instructor: Kathryn Hodge

This concise 2-hour LinkedIn Learning course by instructor Kathryn Hodge provides a solid introduction to Java concurrency fundamentals. Ideal for developers with basic Java skills looking to learn foundational concurrency concepts like threads, synchronization, thread safety, and deadlock.

Java Concurrency Masterclass

Platform: Udemy

Instructor: Tim Buchalka

This 12-hour Udemy course by veteran instructor Tim Buchalka covers both beginner and advanced topics on Java concurrency. A comprehensive curriculum covering threads, thread safety, parallelism, synchronizers, non-blocking code, and performance tuning.

While these didn’t make the top 5, they are still high-quality courses for structured learning on Java concurrency fundamentals and core concepts. The top 5 courses are recommended for their unparalleled expert instruction and focus on professional skill-building. But these additional courses are great options for building a strong base knowledge.


Multithreading and concurrency are tough. But, they are crucial skills for Java developers. Invest in a tough course taught by top experts.

These courses will give you unmatched insight and wisdom. They will help you write fast Java apps that use concurrency. I highly recommend investing in leveling up your skills.

The knowledge gained will well repay the investment. It will bring well-paying jobs. You will gain real coding ability. It will also build your confidence. You’ll use it to tackle complex, multithreaded challenges.

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