Top best future use cases for nft in 2022

Befor going to Deep dive into Use Cases Let’s learn What are Nfts?

So, Nfts are non Fungible Token that are unique and No one Made Copy of it. We see that all over social media, like Twitter,Instagram, YouTube are Talking about Nfts and Web3 so we all know that Nft is Future thing and maybe become Main stream of Social media so what are Future Use cases of Nfts in 2022| let’s find Out!

1. Tickets Of Nfts

Nfts are Unique and no one will copy it. So here is our best Use case we found of Nfts.

But How we Use Nfts as a Ticket?So we know that there are many ways to sell any tickets in black market and make money by it, but Nft Solve the Problem When Someone Purchase That Nft So He/She get Some Unique piece and it will be noticed in our block chain System So if They Sell it so our Blockchain System Find it. So this is one problem Solving use case also in future it becomes billion dollar market for sure so let’s move on the next use case .

2. Nfts Clothing

You don’t believe but This Use Case is growing rapidly, But how Nfts are In cloths With there Uniqueness You can print Nft projects on T shirt and then Sell this T shirt to who invest in that Project like print Bored ape nfts and then sell It to Owners Who Own Bored Ape.

Also We got Second thing that you can make Physical Nfts on T shirt and Some one who Scan That Nft he /she redirect on that Nft buying page or you can redirect to Social media too.

3. Nft Games

Already this industry is growing very much we see games like Axie Infinity, alien world etc. But we can Benefit from it, We can Make Our Own Nft game project and make profit of it but what is Second way to Use Nft in game Industry?

So Basically nfts are non Fungible right! But when I say it’s best trading option for our stock market let’s move on to our next most Exciting use case of Nft .

3. Nft Trading

We all know that How we can trade Stocks and Cryptos and make profit from it but when I Say now we are in this era that we trade Nfts as well as stock how? So basically We can provide Best Nft service To Company by replacing there Stock didn’t understand?

so what we do we replace there stocks into nfts make new marketplace of Stock market and this most profitable and most growing use case of nft in this 3 use cases!

4. Nft e-commerce

Now it’s Time To make our own Amzone but it fully works on nft so let’s see some details about it!

So basically What Amazon is doing right now? It’s just a Chain that get Things from suppliers and sell them to customers who purchase from Amazon right?

But there are many many problems in this model first of all we Scared about Security That if We put our Wallet information in Amazon but When it hack So How I Save my money Second Thing Fraudes,

We all Know That Amazon launch there Affiliate program and Some affiliate marketers do black marketing on Amazon like they sell 100$ thing in 20$ only and we think that’s very good to get all things in low prices but there all things are duplicate so what you should do make e-commerce store that help people to buy Original items like We all know that Blockchain is next to impossible to got hacked so first this advantage we got!

Then second thing is payment only accepted by nfts so that build trust on buyer that he/she pay in nfts so there money is Going to waste and Also if someone trying to do black marketing there so as per Blockchain System They get moved by users and this is best thing we got from this idea also we can make good amount of money by charging some fees in Ethereum or Btc.

5. Real Estate Nft

Really now we can proceed as a Real estate client in metaverse and people are making millions of dollar using this but for that we need to understand that how this whole industry works In future but fun thing is that this market is very new and many of nft lovers want to invest in metaverse but don’t know how to invest in metaverse so this going to biggest advantage for us or you can create Nfts real estate marketplace and this is one the biggest revolutionary stage that we got in future not this day but definitely one day, now let’s see some Detailed Informations about real estate!

there’s additionally land area the essential valuable variable.nfts is the incorporation of blockchain innovation the most common way of demonstrating and approving land possession is truly baffling and exceptionally monotonous, all things considered.

this is on the grounds that various brokers are involved, for example, banks realtors mediators and government authorities furthermore the contribution of agents costs is an enormous commission taken from the land proprietor with the use of nfts.

the buying of land and the exchange of possession can be an immediate two-party association process and is the place where the nft use case is applied since nfts are based on blockchain innovation.

the information and responsibility for home are recorded and put away safely hence control and replication of information is inconceivable all the more significantly nfts exist in a decentralized climate consequently it destroys the inclusion of delegates eliminating high commission expenses and making the exchange an immediate exchange of proprietorship between the individual two gatherings.

there’s like wise store network and strategies the primary capacity of nfts in the store network lies in confirming items guaranteeing their quality and checking their starting point albeit in the beginning phases nfts on blockchains are reasonable for coordinated factors applications in view of their changelessness and straightforwardness.

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