Udemy is a massive open online course(M.O.O.C.) providing education platform started in 2010 where anyone can list his courses for selling and provide education or skill to students, government, and private companies. It has the most popular global community for e-learning and more than 50 million students and more than 200,000 courses that are available in 75 languages.


Coursera is also an online learning platform, founded by two computer science professors of Stanford University, that offers a variety of M.O.O.C.s, guided projects, online degrees, and professional and certified courses. It has partnered with 200+ top universities and companies like Stanford, Google, IBM, AWS, etc. It has a catalog of 7000+ courses and over 76 million learners.


Though both Udemy and Coursera are top leading online education providers they have many dissimilarities which make a learner decide by his own according to his needs keeping in mind the following points-

Udemy is an open marketplace where anyone can make content whereas Coursera has only certified instructors and partnered with top institutes. This gives Coursera an advantage over quality control of the content. However, some courses on Udemy may be better than that same type of course on Coursera.

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Udemy has pay per course system with lots of free courses and its paid courses range from $10 to $199 or more according to the type and quality of the course also there are huge discounts in flash sales while Coursera has some free courses that you can upgrade later if you need and other certified courses starting from $39. there are also online bachelor’s and master’s degrees that start from $9000 and may take 2-7 years. Coursera has a monthly or annual subscription plan named ‘Coursera plus’ that charge $59 monthly or $399 annually by giving access to most of its available courses on the platform. Udemy has a 30-day refund policy and Coursera has a 14-day refund policy.

Courses on Udemy are flexible and self-paced but on Coursera, courses are structured and well organized but the material submitted by you can’t be accessed back and it has a poor peer grading system for submission of final paper due to the large no. of enrolments and also there are some complaints of plagiarism by other students in class .

Udemy video player gives the advantage of taking notes, closed captioning, and listening from the app’s podcast mode but we can’t download it for watching offline. Courses can also be available to watch on ‘Apple TV’ and ‘Google Chromecast’.

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If you want to acquire a specific talent in your own time, Udemy courses can help you get there with step-by-step instructions. Coursera, on the other hand, puts more emphasis on academic subjects and courses and requires to follow time-lines. Udemy does not have the same features as Coursera, such as graded assignments, coaching, and specialty credentials. If you’re surveying certain subjects or working at a slower pace, Udemy is likely to be less expensive. Purchasers of Udemy courses gain lifetime access to scholarly materials, and many Udemy tutorials emphasize more practical applications but don’t give you accredited certificates like Coursera.

Which is best to learn programming and tech skills in 2022?

With the advancement of technology, knowledge of programming and technical skills is very important in IT industries as well as other institutions. Both Udemy and Coursera provide different courses and beautiful resources on programming and tech skills. Programming includes computer languages out of which python is in high demand after Java, C++, etc. and tech skill includes several topics like artificial intelligence(AI) and machine learning, software development, data science, networking, etc.

Coursera offers courses from Stanford University, Hong Kong University, Google, and IBM like machine learning, cloud services from AWS that are structured and specialized, and from certified instructors of top universities and companies. On the other hand, Udemy provides thousands of courses on programming and tech skills. It provides tools to a learner for leading in engineering and IT roles by learning and increasing digital fluency and skills with hands-on training courses. Coursera also provides free to audit courses and many free popular and best-selling programming courses. there are more than 1000 courses across its IT, data science, and computer science categories. On Udemy you can get a course like ‘the web developer boot camp worth $200 just in $10 during flash sales. Coursera has the world’s best machine learning course of ‘Deep learning specialization’, break into AI, which is instructed by Andrew Ng, a pioneer of machine learning.

While talking about the quality of the content on Udemy and Coursera, the course quality varies largely on Udemy and there is no guarantee of high quality on the course as anyone can make a course on say python just by learning basics from other sources but there may be some expert course which may be higher in quality so it is advised to check the ratings and customer reviews about the course before purchasing.

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On Udemy, courses are not much updated but it provides the option to instructor to update but on Coursera, they try to keep updating them by the help of collaborations with their partners. Coursera provides guided projects that are for quick learning of skills that start from $10, like the python data structure project that gives an idea about basic data structures.

There are different best selling courses on Udemy and Coursera for learning programming and tech skills like machine learning on Coursera by Andrew Ng, which is a top instructor on Coursera with a good rating of 4.9 out of 5 which is free for audit option and $79 for certificate and graded assignments, ‘an introduction to google cloud platform for data engineers’ on Udemy, and it costs you $19.99 and has a rating of 4.5 out of 5 and large no. of happy costumers, another is ‘Cloud computing specialization’ on Coursera with a rating of 4.3 out of 5 and comes with Coursera monthly subscription.Therefore, one can select the best course for programming and tech skills according to its needs as courses on both platforms are highly rated and provides detailed and professional education. If you want to learn programming and tech skills just for the detailed and practical knowledge, then you can choose Udemy and if you want an accredited and recognized certification and course, then you can go with Coursera .


Q: Which certificate has more value, Udemy or Coursera?

Ans.- Coursera has a high value of its certificate as it is accredited by top 200+ top leading universities while Udemy has no accreditation of its certificate and anyone on Udemy can give you a certificate by making his content on Udemy and there are no exams or assignments on Udemy and Coursera instructor likely to have a degree like a Ph.D. and are experienced Academics while there is no surety in Udemy therefore, Coursera certificate has more value as compared to Udemy but we can’t say that Udemy course has no value.

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Q: Can I pose my course on Udemy and Coursera

Ans.- This is the main advantage of e-learning that you can pause your course. Both Udemy and Coursera give the option to pause your course but Coursera has some time-lines which need to follow like start and end, of course, are on specific mentioned dates, and exams and assignments need to be submitted before mentioned dates, but on Udemy, you can more freely go back and complete your course any time. You also have the option to download the course which you can access whenever you want.

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